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        New Jersey Lic. # 13vh8880600 Pennsylvania Lic. # PA90704
For 4 Generations our family has been installing lightning                                                                                              protection systems on the east coast midwest and southwest regions of the U.S.                                                                 Please call for a free estimate today!

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Lightning protection is a specialty discipline. A qualified, trained     contractor will ensure your system is installed   

in accordance to the National Safety Standards using all U.L. Listed materials. Contact us  For A free Estimate Today.

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Each year, thousands of homes and other properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning. It's responsible for more deaths and property loss than tornadoes, hurricanes and floods combined. Lightning is the only disaster that we can economically afford to protect ourselves against.

A lightning protection system provides a means by which this discharge may enter or leave the earth without passing through and damaging non-conducting parts of a structure, such as those made of wood, brick, tile or concrete. A lightning protection system does not prevent lightning from striking; it provides a means for controlling it and preventing damage by providing a low resistance path for the discharge of lightning energy.

Source: Allstate insurance